Here are some highlights of data applications and visualizations that I've developed and deployed.

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A data site for a curated collection of historical child maltreatment data. The dataset is plotted in time series and category breakdowns over time. On the backend a database is shared between the visualization site and a data collection backend that parses new annual reports.

An expandable plot of the impact of COVID-19 mortality on life expectancy in different countries.

A data dashboard featuring choropleths and bar plots of NHS spending data, payments were matched to registered companies via matching in an elastic search instance.

A data site for an online game. Community data is ingested into a relational database to provide new data views and visualizations. A rest API makes queries available to other sites and users, or filters and search can be used within the browser.

A fantasy night sky with 2 moons and many points of interest. Underlying the fantasy presentation is a 3D sky plot of the objects, and implementations of the Astronomical algorithms for plotting highly accurate positions of the sun and moon at a given earth observer location. The sun and moon arcs plotted are current for an observer in Arizona, USA.

Visualizations of community projects using data collected daily and every 10 minutes. Data from different sources is normalized to a database and then synthesized to a singular to view to be used in the live status displays.